PRIZMA started operations in Ankara-Turkey in 2001. With almost 18 years of experience in the field of construction and erection of industrial plants and commercial buildings. Since its establishment, it became a company preferred by the employer establishments in the sector because of its quality approach and time commitment. Since it is supported by experienced and specialized manpower, PRIZMA completed all the projects on or before time. PRIZMA specializes in Power Plants, Cement Plants, Gas Plants, Petrochemical Plants, Commercial Buildings, Business Ceneters, Hospitals, Shopping Malls.

PRIZMA is showing a steady growth continuing its activities in construction undertaking jobs in and outside the country and is increasing its technical capacity every day with each new project. The number of qualified and experienced personnel is also rapidly increasing parallel to this growth. Also it is developing new technologies which decreases work period and cost with no concession of quality and security.

PRIZMA has a young and dynamic structure and sets down its success to its experienced, dynamic staff which is always open to learn. Our crew, which has proved its success with the quality of the jobs realized in construction in and outside the country, follows the latest technologies and has a work discipline that increases production by using the latest innovations.